ANNOUNCE : CyberToolBox for Java3D Release 1.1 
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 ANNOUNCE : CyberToolBox for Java3D Release 1.1


I have released {*filter*}ToolBox for Java3D Release 1.1 today.

{*filter*}Toolbox for Java3D  is an authoring tool for Java2 and Java3D
platforms. The {*filter*}Toolbox is based on a scene graph of VRML97,
however has a visual programming language with a original event model
that is different form VRML97 to create more good behaviors easily.

The {*filter*}Toolbox is released with an applet program to browse
contents that are created by the {*filter*}Toolbox. Using the applet,
everyone can browse the contents with Microsoft Internet Explore
or Netscape Communicator.

The new features of  Release 1.1 are following.

    - Added support for new file formats (3DS, OBJ, NFF and LightWave3D).
    - Changed behavior file format into XML style to integrate with X3D in the future.
    - Added new events (Collision, User Event, etc.).
    - Added Sensor modules to support VR devices (Logitech Magellan, Polhemus Fastrak, etc.).
    - Added Interpolator modules to play Interpoltor nodes easily like a VCR.  
    - Added other useful modules (Inside Diagram, Send Message etc.).  

You can get the more infomations and download the trial version
and the documents free from,


Satoshi Konno

Thu, 20 Sep 2001 04:00:00 GMT  
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