recognising shapes from an IndexedFaceSet 
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 recognising shapes from an IndexedFaceSet

Weve got a question about recognising shapes from an IndexedFaceSet.
Were building a 3D dynamic map in VRML. The map is built by one
IndexedFaceSet. The coordinates, colour and coordIndex are all filled by
a script. We defined one touchsensor for the whole map.
We want to link ids (MFString) to the colour of the shapes. For example
red = stone and the green colour = sand. When touched on any red
shape, the string stone has to be shown.

Are there any ideas how to get recognised (colours of the) shapes (or by
compare the eventIn of the hitpoint by the coordinates of the IFS) from
the indexedFaceSet and link them to the ids?

We attached a file with the principles of our structure. One IFS defines
a red and green shape and the white one has to be filled with the colour
of the one is touched. At the same time the id-string has to appear.

Can anybody help us? At this moment thanks!

Marnix and Marco

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Sat, 12 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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