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 VRML 99 Conf. Update

News from the vrml 99 Conference

USA:    Ben Delaney, Treasurer, US Press Associate

Germany: Tom Sperlich, Press Chair
        +49.89.6415528, Fax: +49.89.6415497

VRML 99 Conference in February will provide a road map to the future of
interactivity on the World Wide Web.

First time in Europe, VRML 99 expected to set attendance record.

Presentations and exhibitors from 3 continents will show the future of

Paderborn, Germany, January 1999 -- VRML 99 is expected to be the most
successful in the four-year history of this conference, which addresses the
direction, techniques, and impact of three-dimensional (3D) interaction on the
World Wide Web. It takes place February 23-26 at the Heinz Nixdorf Forum, in
Paderborn, Germany.

With nearly 500 attendees from three continents, and dozens of exhibitors, VRML
is shaping up as the "must-go" conference of the year for people concerned with
3D on the WWW. Developers, entrepreneurs, site builders and marketing
professionals are all attending, looking for the newest tips, tools and tricks.
They will sit in on more than 30 courses, workshops, and presentations though
out the course of the meeting.

VRML, which stands for Virtual Reality Markup Language, is the lingua franca of
3D on the WWW. Sites using VRML include CNN, ESPN, the Nash Bridges TV show,
and CMP Publishing. They all use VRML to provide a more interesting experience,
and to present three dimensional data in its natural format.

This year, VRML 99 is also showcasing other 3D technologies that are used in
presentations on the WWW. By opening the conference to these other
technologies, VRML 99 has added value for all attendees. The exhibit hall will
include dozens of new technologies, including those from SUN Microsystems,
Apple Computer, Platinum Technology, SENSE8, Microsoft and others.

Once again this year, the 3D Web Roundup will take place at VRML 99. This
exciting event has been called "the Gong Show of computer graphics", and its
chaotic pace and exciting demonstrations have made it an international hit.
Host Timothy Childs will once again be putting technologists through their
paces at warp speed, with demos strictly limited to 2-5 minute time slots, and
audience participation including foam-{*filter*} projectiles and noise makers.

It is still possible to register to attend VRML 99, which costs $625 for the
full conference. Hotel space is going fast, so early registration is advised.
Paderborn is easily accessible via Frankfurt, a major German air hub.

For more information, or to register to attend VRML 99, visit the VRML 99 web
site: http://www.*-*-*.com/

VRML99 is proud to be sponsored by the Association of Computing Machinerys
( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ) special interest groups Siggraph and Sigcomm. VRML99 is
also produced in cooperation with the Gesellschaft of Informatik. VRML99 is
hosted by the C-Lab/Siemens AG and takes place in the Heinz-Nixdorf

           {*filter*}Edge Information Services, Inc.
The Virtual Reality and Interactive Media Solutions Group
    #1 Gate Six Road, Suite G, Sausalito, CA 94965 USA

        {*filter*}Edge Electric! --> www.{*filter*}edge.com


Sun, 22 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 VRML 99 Conf. Update


> VRML, which stands for Virtual Reality Markup Language

Come on!  No wonder the media can't even get it right if
people who should know better can't remember...


Thu, 26 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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