Q: Problem with displaying geometry in PROTOS 
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 Q: Problem with displaying geometry in PROTOS


        I am working on a project where I have several PROTO's arranged in a
hierarchy; PROTO A contains a node for geometry which is implemented by
IS'n to a Group's children field.  PROTO B contains a field to hold a
node of PROTO A; PROTO C has a field for holding a node of PROTO B.
When I instantiate PROTO A, B, and C, nothing is displayed. When I use
PROTO A alone, all is well.  Any help?

Here is some example code:
        PROTO protoA [field     MFNode          visualDef       []] {
                Group {
                        children IS visualDef

        PROTO protoB [field     SFNode          protoAField     NULL
                        eventIn SFBool          flag] {

                DEF internShape Shape {
                        geometry IS protoAField

                Script {
                        field   SFNode  intern_field    USE internShape
                        eventIn SFBool  intern_Flag     IS flag

                        ....do stuff....

        PROTO protoC [field     MFNode          protoBField     []] {
                Group {
                        children IS protoBField

and then I instantiate it as follows:

        protoC {
                protoBField [
                        protoB {
                                protoAField protoA {
                                        visualDef [
                                                Shape {
                                                        geometry Box {}

Why does this not display the box ?

Fri, 17 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 Q: Problem with displaying geometry in PROTOS


>Here is some example code:
>    PROTO protoA [field     MFNode          visualDef       []] {
>            Group {
>                    children IS visualDef
>            }
>    }

>    PROTO protoB [field     SFNode          protoAField     NULL
>                    eventIn SFBool          flag] {

>            DEF internShape Shape {
>                    geometry IS protoAField
>            }

you put a Group node into the geometry field. The geometry field
expects one of the geometry nodes instead (Box, Sphere, Text, etc.)


Markus Roskothen
Information Architect at www.infoplasm.com and www.vruniverse.com
USA 510-864-9539

Tue, 21 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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