2 Qs: IndexedFaceSets & browsers 
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 2 Qs: IndexedFaceSets & browsers

I have 2 questions I could use help with: (hi, BTW)

1.  I have a v1.0 object I want to put into my v2.0 scene.  
Unfortunately, Sony's vrml1to2 has not been helpful (don't get me
started).  I could cut&paste the point set into my file (the v1 file
has a bunch of extraneous junk anyway).  Is there a simple algorithm
I could follow for converting v1 IFS coordinates to v2?

2.  Are there any browsers that have some sort of "debugging" feature,
as opposed to just dumping me into BlackHole.wrl when I type something
wrong? I'm still pretty new to VRML, & unless I take a printout & start
sticking in pushpins with threads attached, I get lost among all those
curly brackets...  :o/


P.S.  You're welcome to use any of these:


I always seem to have some left over.

Thu, 09 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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