Info: Web3D-VRML Repository updates 2001.02.04 
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 Info: Web3D-VRML Repository updates 2001.02.04

The Web3d-VRML Repository librarian wishes all contributors and users of the

The Web3d-VRML Repository is a noncommercial resource for the Web3D
provided by the Web3D Consortium located at:


By listing the products below, Web3D consortium and the Web3D Repository are
only providing information, and are not endorsing any of these products.
n.b. the following updates will be realised in the Repository  Monday
2:07am PST.


this week: 2001.02.04

New entries:

March 2
2001  International Conference for Java Development
Marriott Marquis, New York City

Over 2,500 of your peers will be here, along with the industry's most
respected technical experts, sought-after gurus and advanced users who will
show you how to maximize Java technology to build the next generation
enterprise applications. Dedicate yourself to 5 days of Java intellect and
master new skills from those who are deploying Java in today's large-scale
enterprise applications.

Nov 2001 Computer Animation 2001
Seoul, Korea

The Computer Graphics Society (CGS) and IEEE Computer Society are pleased to
announce the organization of COMPUTER ANIMATION 2001 in Seoul, Korea. This
14th conference on Computer Animation is organized by Graphics & Media Lab
at Seoul National University. The topics of interest in Computer Animation
2001 include but are not limited to:
Motion control
Keyframe technique
Motion capture
Path planning
Physics-based animation
Virtual humans and avatars
Image rendering in animation
Animation languages and systems
Artificial life
VCE (Virtual Collaborative Environments) Animation for scientific
Animation in engineering
Motion blur and temp{*filter*}antialising
A.I. - based animation
Robotics and animation
Virtual reality
Autonomous characters and actors
Sound and speech synchronization
Vision techniques in animation
Special hardware for animation
Medical Applications
Real-time simulation, animation and Visualization


Jvr - Java VR Creation tool (Orbitec Pty Ltd)
Jvr is a java application to create and edit 3D geometry and export it as
VRML97 IndexedFaceSets.

Any with Java Virtual Machine


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