making IE4 work with JAVA and VRML 
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 making IE4 work with JAVA and VRML

I have been unable to make IE4 work with a JAVA animated vrml 2.0 scene.
I have tested the MS plugin (VRML2c.exe) and COSMO player 2.0 so far without
any success.
With JavaScript everything runs flawlessly but with JAVA, that's something
I know my vrml scenes and .class files are correct though. With both plug
ins the geometry is correctly loaded
but the JAVA machine is not launched. In the Cosmo console I get the error
message for example :
# Could not load the script class file://E:/examples/chap03/AddRoute.class.
# Please make sure the class is declared PUBLIC or the class file exists.
* Could not load any url for Script node '17SC'
I verified the CLASSPATH in the registry is coorect :
When I install the COSMO PLUG in CLASSPATH is :
and with VRML2C.EXE it is
All these files exists and are valid.

Is there something more to be done in order to make JAVA work with VRML ?
thanks a lot


Tue, 18 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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