ADV: Latest report on VizSim market released 
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 ADV: Latest report on VizSim market released

Contact: Ben Delaney, President and Publisher

Third Annual Report on Virtual Reality Marketplace

Shows $24 billion market, 50% annual growth

New York July 18, 2000: Virtual Reality (VR), also
known as Visual Simulation (VizSim) is a large and
rapidly maturing market, according to the new market
study released today by {*filter*}Edge Information Services,
Inc. The 140 page report, titled The Market for Visual
Simulation/Virtual Reality Systems, Third Edition (ISBN:
1-929696-03-5), is the largest ever done in the field.
It is the latest report from an ongoing study started by
{*filter*}Edge in 1997. The report describes the worldwide
VizSim market, worth more than $24 billion in 2000,  as
expanding at more than 50% annually. VizSim systems are
used for applications as diverse as medical training,
virtual prototyping, entertainment, cultural
preservation, and architecture.

The report offers findings in Financial, Demographic,
and Technology Sections. It concludes with
Recommendations and the Opportunity Index?, {*filter*}Edges
proprietary tool for determining how to best leverage
the results of the study for a business advantage. First
introduced last year in the Second Edition of the
report, the Opportunity Index? provides insight into
nine component areas, and suggests areas where changes
will have the maximum benefit.

Says company President Ben Delaney, We designed this
report to provide instantly actionable information. The
Opportunity Index? is an example of that. It can have an
immediate impact on the bottom line. It provides
manufacturers, marketers, and investors with a guide to
significant opportunities in the Visual Simulation
industry areas poised for rapid growth and indicating
where customer expectations are not being met.

Some key findings in The Market for Visual
Simulation/Virtual Reality Systems, Third Edition:

> The VizSim market is valued at $24 billion in 2000
> Growth is more than 50% annually
> 5,500 people are working in the industry worldwide
> The average VizSim system costs $140,000
> Top business applications of VizSim are virtual

  prototyping, design evaluation, and architecture

> 21% of systems use the Internet to deliver content

The survey was conducted by email, with nearly 500
people from around the world responding, providing more
than 100,000 data points that describe the VizSim/VR
marketplace in fine detail. Respondents came from every
level of corporate, academic and entrepreneurial
organizations. They answered 47 questions about their
businesses, the state of the industry, the systems and
components they use, and the economics of VizSim. The
information they provided became the basis for the
report, which includes 74 charts and 67 tables.

The Market for Visual Simulation/Virtual Reality
Systems, Third Edition is available now for $2,500. It
is delivered as an indexed Acrobat PDF document. It is
also available as a full-color printed document.
Shipping and handling is included. More information may
be found on the CEIS web site, http://www.{*filter*}

{*filter*}Edge Information Services, Inc. is the Virtual
Reality, VizSim, and Interactive Media Solutions Group,
providing research, marketing, information, and
implementation services related to virtual reality since
1991. The Market for Visual Simulation/Virtual Reality
Systems, Second Edition is the fifth major research
report completed by CEIS in the past 18 months.

Contact CEIS at 89 Clinton Street, Suite 1, New York, NY



Note that the Executive Summary of the report is available for $100. If you
later decide to buy the full report, we will credit the $100 towards that

We regret that no discounts are available.

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