HELP?: Game world needed for Light Princess 
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 HELP?: Game world needed for Light Princess

Hi all,
We have been working for sometime on an open-source
cross-platform interactive cinema game "The Light
Princess" based on the story by George MacDonald:


The game is meant to be in a basically 2D interface,
but we wanted to use 3D rendering for backgrounds,
largely because of the large number of rooms (many
room share similar elements, so sharing based on
a model wouldn't be that hard).

We are planning to use web-derived formats for
most of the game, like XML and SVG, but no one
has mentioned vrml for models of the background.
I'm not sure why that is.  Instead, people have
mentioned Blender, which has a binary format.

Unfortunately, the person who had first volunteered
to do this, has vanished on us -- so I'm looking
for alternatives!

Now VRML, being text-based, has the advantage that
it is compatible with CVS (saving diffs) and
therefore with wide, web-based collaboration on
the model -- provided of course, that we can
find people interested in doing the modeling.

If you (or someone you know) would be interested in
working with us on backgrounds or other 3D pre-rendering,
we'd be VERY interested in the help! Right now, we don't
have anyone to do that.

We need someone to come up with a castle, bridge, forest
settings and so on.  We're considering competing approaches
such as hand-drawn or painted backgrounds and post-processed
photographs, but the 3D rendering approach (with some
post-processing to give a rendering that blends well with
the character art -- mainly keeping the colors bright),
sounded the most promising.

It would be nice also to figure out the best
way to collaborate on the model, since it
would make more sense to do something this
big collaboratively and check it all into CVS.  There
could be "roughers" to create the overall kingdom
geography and "details" for each section.  Also,
probably we'd get someone to specialize in natural
objects like trees and someone else to do buildings.
Probably have a single person to design the castle.

So far we just have very basic designs -- there's
a map of the kingdom (with some spaces yet to fill
in), and a logical-map of the "scenes" (like "rooms"
in interactive fiction, but most are outside, etc)
in the first "day" or "level" of the game. It's not
that much guidance -- but then again, it allows that
much more creative freedom!

It's perfectly acceptable to re-use elements you
may have from other sources, provided they can be
released with the game under the terms of the
Design Science License (A free license modeled
on the GPL, but with specific provisions for
creative content. The license has a home page
at http://www.*-*-*.com/ maintained by its author).


Terry Hancock

Fri, 15 Aug 2003 01:17:45 GMT  
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