EAI : How to get notified that a node has finished loading ? 
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 EAI : How to get notified that a node has finished loading ?


> > Hello.

> > I wrote a vrml 2.0 world where I download scenes incrementally, based
> > on
> > the user position, using a Javascript script triggered by a Proximity
> > Sensor. In the script, I load a "subscene" using the
> > createVRMLFromURL().
> > It works fine. Now, I would like to access the nodes created this way
> > from an applet, using EAI. The problem is, I don't know how to detect
> > the
> > fact that the nodes are loaded and created. So either i access them
> > too
> > early, throwing an exception, either they finish to load but the
> > applet
> > is not aware of it. The problem should be similar with Inline nodes.
> > How
> > to get notified that all the nodes are loaded and created ?

> > I am sure some of you EAI gurus already faced and solved the problem
> > in a
> > simple and elegant way ; ) If so, please let me know.

I did three months ago a quick test where I loaded vrml nodes from EAI
using createVrmlFromURL, and I also installed a callback to the
Transform (or Group) children_changed, so I got a notification when this
was triggered, i.e. the entry was in the scene graph. I don't know how
bullet-proof this is, i.e. if the entry is fully configured when you get
the callback. If that does not fully work (seemed to work fine in the
small test I did) is then to maybe install entries to a Switch node, you
get the notification callback, and then you switch the entry in. Anyway,
that's just a special case if the direct callback is not a full
indication that the entry is valid. There are so many browsers out
there, so it's good to have all kinds of possible workarounds... --Kent

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Sat, 22 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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