adding nodes to a world 
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 adding nodes to a world

I'm sorry to ask what will probably be a very trivial question but this has
been a nnoying me for a while now.  I am experimenting with using the EAI
and thought, since my end goal is related to this function, that I would
start with an applet that adds an object to a vrml world.  Unfortunately I
seem to be having difficulty doing even this simple task.  I have
investigated a number of sites on the Web relating the EAI and cut and
pasted the following code:

Node root = browser.getNode("ROOT");
  if( instanceof Button){
    Node[] tmp = browser.createVrmlFromString("Transform { translation "+
     "0 2 0 children Shape { appearance Appearance { " +
     "material Material { diffuseColor 1 1 1 } } geometry "+
     "Box { size 0.5 0.5 0.5 } } }");
    EventInMFNode addChildren  = (EventInMFNode)

   }catch (InvalidVrmlException e) {
    System.out.println("Bad vrml...");

What happens is exactly nothing.  The applet and base VRML world load fine
but when the add button is clicked nothing happens.

Can anyone suggest what I may be doing wrong?  Or even better point me in
the direction of a Web site that might explain how to do this kind of thing?
I am using Windows NT4.0, IE4.0 and WorldView 2.1, if that makes much

Thanks in advance,

Tue, 03 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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