Sending Event to Prototype instantiation fails 
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 Sending Event to Prototype instantiation fails

Hi all !
For my upcoming VRML-Universe I developed a (external) prototype for a
Among other neat features it has some scripts in it, which can fade it out
and in (i.e. make it transparent and vice versa via interpolators), because
when I look up to the "sky" from planet earth and I see the sun rising, it
oughta get nearly unseen due to the shininess of the sun...
I call this the planet to be "in planetarium mode" because you see the
planets and all the sky fly by like in a planetarium.
So the planet proto has an EventIn called "inpmode" which is initially set
Currently it should get set to TRUE when the User clicks on the sun (has a
TouchSensor). The Sun and its TouchSensor are defined in the root file.
But as I instantiate each of the 8 planets with its own name in the root
file too, it should impose no problem for the Browser (my Setup is WinNT
SP3, NS 4.05, Cosmo 2.1 ) to send an SFBool from the root file to the proto
instance, should it ?
The event cascade is as follows :
TouchSensor -> Script ->Proto instance's exposedField -> Script inside Proto

I remember that i got this to work already some time ago with WorldView 2.0,
but now I don't get it for Cosmo. Didn't try Blaxxun yet...

I already tried to put the proto directly into the root file thus getting
around external proto problems but to no avail...
The scripts themself work; I can trigger the fadeout correctly if I put a
TouchSensor directly into the planet proto and use that.
But I don't want it like that and it MUST work !
Please, if any of you gurus now some trick or workaround I'd be very happy,
because tomorrow I got a presentation of the whole thingy and I would like
to implement this feature.
When my work is completed I will post the URL here, maybe some of you will
like my somewhat "interactive" approach to the simulation of our solar
system and it's surroundings...
Thanks !

PS : If someone wants to see some code to get a clearer grip of the problem,
write me E-Mail.

Norbert Schoepke

Tue, 03 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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