cosmo & java.script.class & dyn. expansion ? 
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 cosmo & java.script.class & dyn. expansion ?

Does any one Know if cosmo 2.1.1 has problems using java.script.class 's.I
'm sending a java.script.class regular eventIn 's and it seems to lock after
a period of time.
I 'm sure its not a java scripting error as it happens even if you don't
process any of the eventIn 's( empty do nothing script class).the wrl
file as below.

Also does cosmo have problems when trying to dynamiclly expand MF nodes in
wrl script files as this also seems to fail.

thank in advance for any response


#VRML V2.0 utf8
DEF PROX ProximitySensor{size 10000 10000 10000}
Shape {geometry Box{}}]}

url "LINK.class"
eventIn SFVec3f set_position
eventOut SFVec3f position_changed
eventIn SFRotation set_orientation
eventOut SFRotation orientation_changed
directOutput TRUE


ROUTE PROX.position_changed TO SCRIPT1.set_position
ROUTE PROX.orientation_changed TO SCRIPT1.set_orientation

Mon, 09 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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