YOU control human Avatar on the Web : VRML, Java, H-Anim 
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 YOU control human Avatar on the Web : VRML, Java, H-Anim

  --  VRML  Animation controlled by you & my Java code
  --  Complex  behaviors are now easily added.
  --  H-Anim, Web3d's Standard for Human Animation, advances.
  --  The First vrml H-Anim Avatar with
  -- 100 % Java, under Java control on the web ?

  Dumb VRML animations can be replaced with better, more
  complex behaviors controlled by modern languages that
  support Object Oriented Programming System constructs,
  physical modeling and Inverse Kinematics so Avatars can
  interact with each other and their environment.

  " Nancy "  Runs, Walks, Jumps -- you control ... with my Java :

 More complex and more interesting behaviors are now possible,
the  Human Animation is under the control of my Java code
-- not the VRML / x3d player -- so game playing avatars are coming ...
" Tic Tac Toe ", Chess, Poker & Strip Poker ... Shoot 'em up games ...
3d chat ... the promise of interesting 3d content is arriving without
the need for VRML plug-ins and their related problems.

 -  NEW  command buttons :  [ Run ],   [ Walk ],   [ Jump ],  [ Stand ].
 -  NEW : walk animation begins automatically.
 -  IMPROVED : " Show Joints " lists H-Anim Joints ( leaves only now )

 " Human Animation -- YOU control : H-Anim Avatars & Java "
    http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~imaging/H-Anim_Avatars.html

  Web3d's H-Anim ( Human Animation ) and VRML/x3d Standards are used.

  The  ridiculous " Filter Fraud " scheme is not used as it is too limited.

__ H-Anim Avatars under Program Control on the Web __

 " H-Anim People Posers "  ( VRML plug-in required,  Java )
  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~imaging/HAnimPoser.html
  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~imaging/vrml_avatar.html

" Finger Spelling   H-Anim   Avatar "   by Angus B. Grieve-Smith

 --   Perl  " Text to Sign Conversion " ( Sign Synth )
 --  Click on the Avatar to start the animation.
 If the above doesn't work you can use my "H-Anim People Poser",
copy and paste ( with shift insert ) the last URL above into the URL field
of the H-Anim Poser program ( and click on the avatar after it has loaded ).

 " H-Anim / MPEG-4 Player "  ( Christian Babski )
  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~babski/StandardBody/mpeg4/#c2
  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~babski/StandardBody/mpeg4/mpeg4.html
  --  VRML plug-in required, VRML EAI & Java -- slow & complicated

 "H-Anim : Sanbaso: humanoid keyframe animation " ( Matthew Lewis )
  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~mlewis/VRML/Sanbaso/
 -- VRML plug-in required, VRML EAI & Java

 " 3d Gait Analysis Model : Java Web Animation " ( not H-Anim )
  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~imaging/gait_model.html

 __ Nancy, The Original : Pure VRML : no controlling program __
  Nancy is the Grande Dame of Avatars, created by Cindy Ballreich :

 The " You Control H-Anim Avatar " program is a simple, but an
important step towards friendly, ubiquitous, interactive 3d
on the web ... it's H-Anim & Java ... animation for the Web.

" Java VRML Viewers  " -- My Favorite, My Own & the rest.
  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~imaging/java3dviewer.html
  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~ki/engines.html

( " Filters " have a standard meaning, the intellectually dishonest attempt
to ignore standard  -- and decades old -- conventions, terminology,
previous work, and a considerable body of knowledge should not be
encouraged and condoned : Filters are Filters,  " Filter Fraud " is
calling something a filter, when it is not. )

 The above is a complete list of the H-Anim Avatars on the web
that operate interactively under program control without any special
software ( other than a standard VRML Viewer plug-in, or * nothing *
but a  standard browser  -- not crippled by the criminal monopolist --
in the  case of my " You Control H-Anim Avatar " ) to the best of my
knowledge ... if there are any other H-Anim Web Programs in existence ...
please reply here and let us know.

 H-Anim is just taking off ... join in, contribute, be a leader.

 Some day, the Web is going to be really big ...

 " Human Animation with VRML : The Web3d Standard : H-Anim "

  -- Paul,  Java Developer & Web Animator.
 "Imaging the Imagined : Modeling with Math & a Keyboard"

Sat, 09 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
 YOU control human Avatar on the Web : VRML, Java, H-Anim

I would like to find some tutorial about the use of nurbs to create simple
realisatic avatars. I am very interrested in the Nurbs proposal Blaxxun did
and I don't understand why the web3D consortium did not include the proposal
in the specifications.

The consortium seems much more interrested in its inner structure
modifications than in bringing new features to VRML that didn't change for 3
years !

X3D, which is supposed to be some superset of VRML is a real small subset in
reality. Nothing new has been validated for some 3D navigation. Moreover X3D
browsers (shout, blaxxun3d) don't support hardware acceleration (so no big
3D scenes)

Blaxxun added :
- the BSP tree to optimize the culling
- the 3D layers to have multiple Head Up displays
- realistic avatars (made by Canal+)
- Nurbs with automatic LOD and deformations !
- many other enhancement I forgot such as keyboard trapping  and 3D

Other plugins also have brought their contribution but VRML is still VRML97.
We can't have a full 3D experience with the new technologies (cult,
metastream, pulse ...) so a new VRML is NEEDED



Thu, 14 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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