ANNOUNCE: Focus on Web3D 5/24/00 weekly update 
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 ANNOUNCE: Focus on Web3D 5/24/00 weekly update

Web3D Wanderings
May 24, 2000 - Vol. 3, No. 20

------------------DAILY LINKS-------------
Don't forget the link-of-the-day at

------------------ FEATURE --------------------
What do you want Web3D to become?
An interactive article, a bunch of issues on the future of Web3D you can
talk back in the forum.

Discussion: Web3D becomes? - Talk back about the future of Web3D.

POLL: The Web3D Consortium is: (click and be counted).

---------------- WEB3D THIS WEEK --------------

Phoney Blair
If you've always had an urge to tweek the nose or other parts of Tony
Blair, this is the place.

Clearly the finest collection of vrml artwork on the Web, look for the
exhibit at Siggraph 2000.

*********Web3D Gallery ***********

It's still growing!! Send me more!
The Web3D Gallery has a growing collection of 3D worlds (check back

--------------- CHAT -------------------------------
Make sure to come to the weekly chats.
Chat every Wed. at 9:30PM ET  2:30 GMT (Thursday).

Check out the logs of those you've missed.
Every Wednesday at 9:30PM Eastern which is 2:30GMT (thurs), at:

--------------- BLATENT COMMERCIALISM -------------------------------
BUY LINKS: You can place links called sprinks on the front page go to
http://www.*-*-*.com/ for the info...self service...very easy.

AFFILIATE YOURSELF: Get paid to send traffic to your favorite
Guide sites. (i.e. Web3D)


Sandy Ressler
Focus on Web3D

ISSN 1099-8497

Sandy Ressler Guide to Web3D


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