ANNOUNCE : CyberToolbox for Java3D Release 1.2 
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 ANNOUNCE : CyberToolbox for Java3D Release 1.2


I have released {*filter*}Toolbox for Java3D Release 1.2 today.

{*filter*}Toolbox for Java3D is an authoring tool of Virtual Reality on Java2 and
Java3D platforms. The {*filter*}Toolbox is based on a scene graph of VRML97,
however the {*filter*}Toolbox has a visual programming language with an original
event model that is different from VRML97 to create more good behaviors easily.

The {*filter*}Toolbox is released with an applet package to browse contents that
are created using the {*filter*}Toolbox. Using the applet, everyone can browse
the contents with Microsoft Internet Explore or Netscape Communicator
on the Internet.

The new features of  Release 1.2 are bellow.

    - Added Applet modules to show a document into a frame etc.
    - Added new sensor modules for Isotrak2, IS300, Joystick and BeeBox.  
    - Added support for adding user defined modules.
    - Added new buttons for inside diagram modules to load or save behavior files.
    - Added new samples.

You can get the more infomation and download the trial version and the documents
free at,


The trial version doesn't have the following functions. However you can try to creating your
original contents using the trial version because the trial version has other basic functions all.  

    - Adding your original modules into the {*filter*}Toolbox.
    - Loading and saving behavior files of inside diagram modules.

If you have installed JDK1.2 and Java3D 1.1 and your browser can run Java3D applets,
you can see the Java3D version page that is created using the {*filter*}Toolbox at,


The registration users of the {*filter*}Toolbox can get the product version free using your
login name and password at,


Satoshi Konno

Mon, 10 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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