EAI, applet get/send information from/to browser 
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 EAI, applet get/send information from/to browser

I have a vrml humanoid (with the joints compliant to humanoid 1.0
referenced on Working Groups). The humanoid's Joints (nodes) are all
defined by DEF. I have an applet that pretends to control the humanoid
with a scroll bar displaying frames of the humanoid, and for that I need
to save the information (Nodes) of the humanoid  from the browser, and
send the information to the browser. But, I can't get/send the nodes one
by one (they are more than 50 nodes) because it will turns the applet
very slow.
So I decided to get only the root node (hanim_HumanoidRoot) and when I
want to send the information, I send the children of the root node, that
I think it refreshes the all nodes Inline of the root node. I did this
class that handles each humanoid frame:

class humanoid {
    Node root;

    humanoid(Browser browser){
        root= browser.getNode("hanim_HumanoidRoot");

    public void update_frame(Browser browser){
        EventInMFNode in_children;
        Node node;
        Node[] children;

        /* get the nodes from local node "root" */
        children=((EventOutMFNode) root.getEventOut("children_changed")).getValue();

        /* send the nodes to the browser */
        node= browser.getNode("hanim_HumanoidRoot");
        in_children = (EventInMFNode) node.getEventIn("set_children");

But, just like this, I dont saw any refresh at all, and, I'm starting
to think that when I get the root node, the Inline children are not
coming, or, when I send the children, the Inline nodes are not going...
How can resolve this problem? Is ok my code ?

thanks, Pedro Salazar


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Tue, 29 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 EAI, applet get/send information from/to browser
Hey APS,

Applet EAI stuff is still a little over my head, so I've been using
javascript.  It only works in communicator (of course) but I've found
that rather than trying to access lots of different nodes through the
EAI, it's a lot simpler to communicate with a single script node which
then talks to however many nodes you need it to from *inside* the VRML
world.  Hope this helps, post a URL when you are ready too, your world
sounds interesting!


Fri, 01 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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