Info: Web3D Repository updates 2001.04.16 
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 Info: Web3D Repository updates 2001.04.16

The Web3D Repository is a noncommercial resource for the Web3D community
provided by the Web3D Consortium located at:


By listing the products below, Web3D Consortium and the Web3D Repository are
only providing information, and are not endorsing any of these products.
n.b. the following updates will be realised in the Repository  Monday
2:07am 2001.04.16 PST.


this week: 2001.04.16


Michael St. Hippolyte and Trapezium have placed Chisel (a valuable vrml 97
tool that Cleans, Vallidates &  Reduces VRML 97 worlds and models) in the
public domain.
The source is being maintained by the Web3D Consortium and is available



New entries:

27-29 Sep 2001

3-D Visualizations, Product Simulations, Embodied Agents, and Virtual
Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center East Lansing,
Michigan, USA


The next generation of E-Commerce sites is about to break. Help decide the
future of E-Commerce at this ground-breaking meeting. The conference will
bring together researchers, designers, and executives who will define the
new shape of this multi-billion dollar industry.


INT3D System is made for the creation of 3D virtual interiors to present on
Internet. The system is realized in VRML format, but the user does not need
to know that language. INT3DT System includes:
Online 3D editor (INT3D-editor)
Online 3D viewer (INT3D-viewer)
Interactive 3D models (INT3D-models)
3D scenes (INT3D-scenes)

n.b. this an online tool


Info: Web3D Repository updates 2001.04.16

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