Remove Proto Node from CP2.1 
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 Remove Proto Node from CP2.1

 I am trying to remove my proto nodes from the scene graph in CP2.1 and
Netscape 4.06.I found that after I removed the nodes and do the garbage
collection(press "g" in java console) and dump the memeory to the memory.out
file(press "s" in java console).The proto's script is still there when I
check the file.But I can see my shutdown method of my script has really been
executed when I garbage collect the memory.I am sure there isn't any more
reference to my node and my code is rather simple.Has any one experience
this before or know what I missed.It'll be appreciated for any response!

            Another question is that CP2.1 and IE4.01 seems doesn't
cooperate well especially when there are Proto involved.Does anyone know the


Wed, 04 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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