eai: getBrowser / start-stop TimeSensor question 
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 eai: getBrowser / start-stop TimeSensor question


I have two eai - questions:

1. When I try to show two vrml-files in two frames - I can't always get the
instance of the browser


<FRAME SRC="right.html" NAME="right" SCROLLING=NO>


        <embed SRC="left.wrl" WIDTH="733" HEIGHT="483" ALIGN="BOTTOM"></h2>
        <td WIDTH="79%"><applet CODE ="myApplet.class" width=430 height=50 MAYSCRIPT>


        <H2><EMBED SRC="right.wrl" WIDTH="200" HEIGHT="120"      ALIGN="BOTTOM"></H2>

in start () I'm trying to get the Browser
(tmp_browser = (Browser) Browser.getBrowser(this,"left",0);)

- it works if I only use the left frame - but when I use both - I sometimes get
the browser from the right frame (because: browser.getNode("name_in_left.wrl")
throws an exception).

Is there anything wrong in the html or with the getBrowser function?

2. I'm using a TimeSensor which is routed to a Position- and
OrientationInterpolator. With a java button I can start and stop the TimeSensor
- when I stop the TimeSensor and start it again - it should continue at the
last position and not starts at the beginning. Is it  possible to continue from
the last position ?



Fri, 02 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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