Info: Web3D Repository updates 2002-06-10 
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 Info: Web3D Repository updates 2002-06-10

The Web3D Repository is a noncommercial resource for the Web3D community
provided by the Web3D Consortium located at:


By listing the products below, Web3D Consortium and the Web3D Repository
are only providing information, and are not endorsing any of these
n.b. the following updates will be realized in the Repository  Monday
2002-06-10 2:07am PST.


this week: 2002-06-10  

EG 2002 Web3D Game Competition
Closes July 31, 2002.

We are now inviting the submission of high quality games and puzzles
implemented using Web3D technologies (including VRML, X3D, Java3D,
Shockwave, ...). The finalists chosen by the judges will made available
online during the Conference in September and delegates will be able to
access and play them.


  Realistic Sky with Milky Way ( Paul S. Hoffman)

http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~paulsam/panos.html

This is a new panoramic background of the entire starry sky surrounding
us, complete with the Milky Way.

There's a Java panorama that just has the stars and Milky Way, but the
real treat is the vrml version which has a switchable celestial grid and
controls in a HUD.

18-22 Nov 2002 9th International Conference on Neural Information
Processing (ICONIP'02)
4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Simulated Evolution And Learning (SEAL'02)
International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (FSKD'02)


Orchid Country Club, Singapore
  Physical ICONIP'02, SEAL'02, and FSKD'02 will be jointly held in
Orchid Country Club, Singapore from November 18 to 22, 2002. The
conferences will not only feature the most up-to-date research results
in natural and arti- ficial neural systems, evolutionary computation,
fuzzy systems, and knowledge discovery, but also promote
cross-fertilization over these exciting and yet closely-related areas.
Registration to any one of the conferences will entitle a participant to
the technical sessions and the proceedings of all three conferences, as
well as the conference banquet, buffet lunches, and tours to two of the
major attractions in Singapore, i.e., Night Safari and Sentosa Resort
Island. Many well- known researchers will present keynote speeches,
panel discussions, invited lectures, and tutorials.


Tree Object Model ( T.O.M. ) Web3D without plugins ... (lazyhorse)
Scene tree structure similar to VRML.
Intelligent moveable objects like CODE WARS.
A 3D space for HTML.
Fully integrated into the Document Object Model ( D.O.M. ).
Tiny javascript driver ( free )..

change of name and url
(formerly TAXI)

Info: Web3D Repository updates 2002-06-10

kiwano (Andrew Reitemeyer)
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