Problems with HUD + Examine mode 
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 Problems with HUD + Examine mode

I hope someone can help me with this problem:

For reference, I'm using WorldView 2.0 under Windows 95. I've tried to
look at this world under Cosmo Player, but it doesn't do my Javascript
nodes correctly (but that's grist for another message). (Other browsers
were rejected for various reasons--no javascript, no text nodes, etc.)

I'm trying to create a 3D data display, which the user can examine, but
which also displays some summary info in a HUD. I can create the
display, and I can create the HUD, and I can define interesting
viewpoints--so far so good.

The problem comes when I try to use EXAMINE mode to spin the data plot
around. Somehow, the data display group gets bound up with the HUD
group, and pivots about some point which is not even contained in the
data plot, but rather seems to be somewhere between the data plot and
the avatar. So, if the user goes to Examine mode, and spins the thing
around, it actually gets closer to the viewer. I have double-checked
that the data plot is contained in a Group node, and the HUD is a
separate node. If I comment out the HUD, examine mode seems to work as
it should. Using a bounding box on the data plot group is of no help.

So, here's my first question (or really, set of questions): Why does it
do this? Is it a bug in WorldView, or am I not thinking about things
correctly? Is there a workaround?

Now, in trying to fix this, I thought maybe I should disable the HUD
whenever the user switches to Examine mode. I tried to do that by using
a Switch node for the HUD, and a script which ROUTEs from a
NavigationInfo node to a Script node to activate/deactivate the HUD.
But, the NavigationInfo node doesn't seem to generate isBound eventOuts
when the user changes viewing mode--apparently it only does this if the
node is activated with a set_bind eventIn.

Second question: am I going about this wrong? Is there some way I can
trap user-selected viewing mode changes and use them to trigger a

To see an example file, take a look at
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~helberg/examine.wrl.



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