Java problem with Cosmo Player 2.1 and Netscape Navigator 3.01 
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 Java problem with Cosmo Player 2.1 and Netscape Navigator 3.01

Anybody with Cosmo Player 2.1 and Netscape Navigator 3.01
getting the following?

"Applet can't start: class EAISceneInterface got a security
violation: method verification error"

And if you look in your Java console, you'll discover
that Netscape can't find any of the vrml Java classes.
I discovered this yesterday and fixed it this morning.

Your problem is that Cosmo Software shipped
npcosmop21.jar with Cosmo Player and put it in your
Netscape\Navigator\Program\plugins folder.

There's two things wrong with that:

(a) Netscape 3.01 doesn't know from .jar; all it
knows is .zip

(b) The file is zip compressed; Netscape 3.01
can't handle anything but uncompressed zip files.

The solution: rename it, and either

(a) Extract all the files into a temporary
directory, then re-zip them with no compression
back into (this is not known to
work, but I'll bet it does).

(b) Extract all the files into a directory and
edit C:\Autoexec.bat to put the directory into
your CLASSPATH.  This is what I did, and Java
worked, including all 4 EAI tests on the Cosmo
Software site and VNET.

One reason I used (b) is that I never managed
to get javac in JDK 1.02 to compile for VRML unless
I extracted the VRML class files.  The other
reason was that I already had a spare folder
in my CLASSPATH that I could use.

Figured y'all might like to know this.
Rev. Bob "Bob" Crispen

Music shouldn't be held responsible for the people who listen to it.

Thu, 28 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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