need Vrml Models ( 3D Control Panel and neutral Avatar ) 
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 need Vrml Models ( 3D Control Panel and neutral Avatar )


Can anybody tell me, where I can found a big gallery of good vrml
Models ?
Unfortunately, Everything I found up to now wasn't what I need,
although there are really nice Models.

             e.g on

I just working on a little project which is written in VRML and JAVA,

The user Interface should be completely in Vrml and shows an avatar
and 3 Control Panels. So I must handle the user mouse Events with

The Control Panels initiates some activitys ( both Java and Vrml
activitys )

My problem is, that i can't find a suitable Object that can represent
my Control Panel.
   It should have 3 different touch- or click Areas.
   It simply should be a good looking 3D Button in Vrml.

In addition I'm searching for a neutral, good detailed Avatar.

I would be glad, if anyone can help me

Greetings Marco

Sun, 28 Nov 2004 18:48:02 GMT  
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