Turn the lights of/Light behaviour 
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 Turn the lights of/Light behaviour

Some lighting nodes illuminate everything, others only illuminate those that
are siblings (or children of siblings).    SpotLight and PointLight illuminate
everything within their radius.  DirectionalLight illuminates siblings and
children of siblings.  In you case, the spot may be insufficiently bright or
too far away to noticably contribute to the lighing on the wall.  Try animating
the internsiy and/or color of the light and see if that is visible.

The book I mostly use is "The vrml 2.0 Handbook".  It has a reasonably clear
description of lighting.

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> Hi,

> I'm modelling in 3D Studio Max, how can I make visitors of my VRML97-scene
> turn down (of off) the lights?

> Another thing: I'm having problems giving certain objects in the scene some
> extra light. Somehow when I point a spot on the wall it has no effect at
> all. Though sometimes it has effect on the total lighting of the scene. How
> come? Where can I find some extra information on this subject?

> Thanks in advance!
> Berco Beute.

Sun, 02 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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