linking C with VHDL, Model Tech, V-system/Windows 
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 linking C with VHDL, Model Tech, V-system/Windows

I'm using Model Technologies V-system/Windows VHDL Simulator.  Is it
possible to link my own C-code in (I imagine via a DLL)?

The C code need not interact with the VHDL simulation in any
sophisticated manner. For example, it would suffice to simply pass
values to the C code from the simulator with no communication back to
the VHDL. I'm thinking of writing some customized displays/wave traces
for my simulations.

If anyone has done this or has a clue as to how I might go about doing
it, I'd appreciate any help I can get. You can respond to me directly,
if you like.

Dr. Damir A. Jamsek
ORA Corporation
301 Dates Drive
Ithaca, NY 14850


Sun, 29 Jun 1997 00:49:40 GMT  
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