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 U of M compiler

When I originally posted the article mentioning the compiler at the U of M
I was not knowledgable enough to answer questions (and therefore should not
have posted).

In an effort to clarify the situation and help solve past and future
difficulties, I am sending this official blurb from the author - his
address is included.

So, here 'tis:

University of Manitoba VHDL Tools

   A vhdl program has been developed which reads a
   subset of the VHDL language and allows structural
   descriptions to be elaborated and converted into
   misc netlist formats. Currently supported are
      1) EDIF 2 0 0 : edif netlist is generated for
                      use with cadence ic layout tools,
                      specifically place and route.
                      Attributes are used to store tool
                      dependent informationa
      2) VHDL : VHDL is read in and a simplified VHDL structural
                netlist (flattened, only BIT types) is output.
                This is used to create vhdl description for program
                using a smaller VHDL subset.
      3) XILINX XNF format :
      4) SILOS netlist     : under development

   Some simulation capabilities are available in this program.
   Currently only enough to allow simulation of standard cells
   in a structural description. This will soon be extended.
   This program is still in an early form, and contains plenty
   of bugs.

To obtain a copy :

        anonymous ftp to eeserv.ee.umanitoba.ca (
        change directory to  vhdl
        file vhdl_1_1_3.tar.Z contains vhdl program

        If you do not have anonymous ftp access, mail to

For more info contact :

        David C Blight
        University of Manitoba
        Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Sun, 26 Dec 1993 02:39:11 GMT  
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