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ERROR:HDLParsers:3312 - E:\xilinx_webpack\bin\teloef/telleroef.vhd Line 42.
Undefined symbol 'teller'.
ERROR:HDLParsers:162 - E:\xilinx_webpack\bin\teloef/telleroef.vhd Line 76.
Read symbol PROCESS, expecting IF.
ERROR:HDLParsers:162 - E:\xilinx_webpack\bin\teloef/telleroef.vhd Line 85.
Read symbol behavioral, expecting IF.

What does these errors mean??
I'm working on it but tommorow is must be done and working

Sun, 05 Sep 2004 02:54:14 GMT  

>ERROR:HDLParsers:3312 - E:\xilinx_webpack\bin\teloef/telleroef.vhd Line 42.
>Undefined symbol 'teller'.
>ERROR:HDLParsers:162 - E:\xilinx_webpack\bin\teloef/telleroef.vhd Line 76.
>Read symbol PROCESS, expecting IF.
>ERROR:HDLParsers:162 - E:\xilinx_webpack\bin\teloef/telleroef.vhd Line 85.
>Read symbol behavioral, expecting IF.

>What does these errors mean??

Line 42: Object Teller is never declared.
Line 76:  The process statement may not be correct.  However, fix line 42
I recommend tht you compile your code with a good compiler like ModelSim or
Most vendors give away the compiler (i.e., will compile and elaborate), but you
have to pay for the simulator.
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Sun, 05 Sep 2004 04:00:24 GMT  
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