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 CFV: comp.lsi.testing

CALL FOR VOTES for comp.lsi.testing (was:

    Newsgroup: comp.lsi.testing

    Voting period: May 1st, 1991 through May 21st, 1991 (inclusive)


    This newsgroup is intended to cover all aspects of the testing of
    electronic circuits such as (but not restricted to)
      *  Testing of Digital and Analog Devices
      *  Automatic Test Pattern Generation
      *  Fault Modeling and Fault Simulation
      *  Design for Testability
      *  Scan Design and Built-in Self Test
      *  PCB-Test and Boundary Scan
      *  Design Verification

    Important topics are (again not restricted to)
      * Announcements (conferences, workshops, special issues)
      * Books on testing
      * Standards
      * Tools
      * Benchmarks
      * Questions and answers
      * Discussions concerning technical or algorithmic problems

    The ever increasing number of publications on testing shows a
    vivid and growing interest in that subject. A newsgroup on
    testing will stimulate and accelerate the exchange of related
    information among interested network users. It makes it easier
    to recognize current trends in testing, especially
    for novices.

    The discussion period showed a general agreement on the theme.
    Our first proposal for the name of the group was,
    which is similiar to comp.lsi.cad. A number of contributors
    remarked that this name is not generally understandable or
    misleading. Among the proposed alternatives were:
    comp.lsi.test, comp.lsi.testing, comp.lsi.ate, comp.lsi.ft (fault
    tolerance). Taking into account that ".test" may sound like
    "alt.test", "news.test" which have a specific function within the
    USENET hierarchy, the proposed name "comp.lsi.testing" should be
    the most understandable and general one.

    Some authors commented that there are existing groups like comp.lsi
    which do not have an extreme news flow to date. Splitting therefore
    should not be necessary. We have never intended to split any group
    due to "net bandwidth", comp.lsi.testing is a new thread. A closer
    look at comp.lsi[.cad] shows that these groups are mostly design oriented,
    and this probably raises the level for participation of non-designers.
    Shortly: there was and is no forum for testing yet.

    The voting period begins on Wednesday, May 1st and ends at (including)
    Monday, the 21st.
    Everybody is allowed to send one and only one vote for (YES) or against
    (NO) comp.lsi.testing. All votes reaching the addresses described below
    during the voting period will be counted. Votes arriving not during the
    period, duplicate votes, votes containing additional comments ("I
    would vote YES, but...") are VOID.


    Please send your vote to one of the following addresses:
    YES votes to:

    NO votes to:

    Please put your vote in the subject of the mail-header. Format:
    Subject: YES comp.lsi.testing        or
    Subject: NO comp.lsi.testing        

    Your mail MUST contain an e-mail adress to contact you (e.g. a .signature)
    to allow verification of the results.

    DO NOT SEND ANY VOTE TO A NEWSGROUP (for instance the group where you read
    this call for votes).

    After the end of the voting period, the voting results will be published
    in the newsgroups "news.groups" and "news.announce.newgroups" including
    names, e-mail addresses and votes of the voters.

    To create the newsgroup "comp.lsi.testing" it is necessary that there
    are at least 100 more YES than NO votes, and there must be a 2/3 majority
    of YES voters.

    This call for votes is being sent to
    and some e-mail addresses.

    You may freely distribute, translate, republish, crosspost etc. this
    article as long as the parts  SCHEDULE OF THE VOTE and HOW TO VOTE
    remain unchanged and the names of the authors are included.

Please send us your vote soon!

The authors:

| Nikolaus Gouders        | |**********************************************|

| Dept. f. Dataprocessing | |**********************************************|

Sun, 17 Oct 1993 14:13:18 GMT  
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