EDA / Framework surveys ? 
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 EDA / Framework surveys ?

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Dear reader,
        please email identification/publication info, if you do know
        of recent survey (executed during last 2 years),
        concentrating to topics listed hereunder,
        from point of view of the industrial / academic user / r&d -
        project designer.
        Also commercial surveys are of interest.
        Please inform also your rating grade of referred survey:


1.      Interfacing of EDA (electronic design automation) CAD/CAE -
        tools. Bottlenecks, key problems, advancement.
2.      Frameworks
3.      EDIF and VHDL in daily use of industrial design
        projects. Robustness, future open system needs.
4.      Design data flows in multiple sub-vendor, multiple
        customer EDA-service industry


We are executing this kind of a survey among industrial users
in Finland,  during next 6 months and are appreciating
any reference survey information. We can negotiate about the
mutual sharing of results.

Thanks in advance

Research Institute for Information Technology
Tampere University of Technology
Ari E Latvala, (S/L 402),  Research Institute for Information Technology
TUT - Tampere University of Technology, POB 527, SF-33101 TAMPERE, FINLAND

Mon, 15 Nov 1993 05:17:55 GMT  
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