Design Automation Conference Seeks Design Papers 
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 Design Automation Conference Seeks Design Papers

Now there's a conference for experiences with design tools.
Here's the call for papers.
                           CALL FOR PAPERS
                  32nd Design Automation Conference

                           DESIGNER TRACK

            Moscone Center, San Francisco--June 12-16, 1995

The Design Automation Conference has broadened its scope to include the
use of automation in the design of electronic systems.  We are seeking
papers which will interest circuit and systems designers, design managers
and DA support engineers.

            Deadline Approaching: Papers due October 7, 1994

  Leading-Edge Design Practices         DA Tool Use Experience
  Concurrent Engineering                Top-Down Design Processes
  Integration of Vendor DA              Standards Issues: VHDL/CFI/EDIF
  Design Reuse                          Modeling and Component Libraries
  Silicon Strategies: FPGA, PLD, ASIC   Quality in EDA Systems
  The Role of DA Tools in Innovative Designs

Proposals are also being accepted for panels, tutorials and special sessions.

See also the section "Designer Track," below.

Authors should submit their papers to the Program Chair postmarked no later
than October 7, 1994.  Previously published papers, including workshop
proceedings, will not be considered.  Each submission should include one
cover page and eight stapled copies of the complete manuscript.

The one cover page should include:
* Name, affiliation and complete address for each author.
* A designated contact person including his/her telephone number, fax number,
  and e-mail address
* A designated presenter, should the paper be accepted
* A list of topic numbers, ordered by relevancy, most clearly matching the
  content of the paper. It is critical that the topic number(s) accurately
  reflect the content of the paper. If your paper spans more than one topic,
  please indicate this.
* The following signed statement: "All appropriate organizational approvals for
the publication of this paper have been obtained.  If accepted, the author(s)
will prepare the final manuscript in time for inclusion in the Conference
proceedings and will present the paper at the Conference."

The eight copies of the complete manuscript should include the following items.

* Title of paper
* 60-word abstract indicating significance of contribution
* The complete text fo the paper in English, including all illustrations and
  references, not exceeding 5000 words. Overly long papers will not be con-
  sidered. The papers will be reviewed as finished papers. Preliminary sub-
  missions will be at a disadvantage.

Notice of acceptance will be mailed to the contact person by February 15, 1995.
Authors of accepted papers must sign a copyright release form.

Proposals for Panels, Tutorial Sessions, and Full-day Tutorials in areas of
interest to DA developers, managers and users should be submitted to the
Program Chair no later than October 7, 1994. Proposals should not exceed two
pages in length and should describe the topic and intended audience. They must
include a list of all participants, including the moderator for Panels. You
should contact all participants in advance. For further information, send

Special Topic Sessions may be either independent papers with a common theme
or a set of closely related papers describing an overall system. In both cases,
independent reviews of each paper and evaluation of the session as a whole
will be used to select sessions. Proposals for Special Topic Sessions should
be submitted along with the papers to be included in the session and should
describe the session's theme. These proposals and paper submissions must be
postmarked no later than October 7, 1994.

Authors are invited to submit original technical papers describing recent and
novel research or engineering developments in all areas of design automation.
Topics include, but are not limited to:

1.1 Electrical Simulation
1.2 Discrete Simulation
1.3 Timing Analysis and Verification
2.1 Testing, Fault Modeling and Simulation, Test Pattern Generation, Test
        Validation and Design-for-Testability
2.2 Design Verification
3.1 Floorplanning and Placement
3.2 Global and Detailed Routing
3.3 Physical Module Generation, Symbolic Layout, Compaction, Layout
4.1 Technology-independent, Combinational Logic Synthesis and Optimization
4.2 Technology Mapping and the Interaction Between Logic Synthesis and Layout
4.3 Sequential Synthesis and Optimization
4.4 High-level Synthesis and System-level Design Aids
4.5 Asynchronous Synthesis
5.1 Hardware Description Languages
5.2 Design Systems and Databases
6.1 Computer Aids for IC Fabrication and Manufacturing, Technology CAD
7.1 DA for Analog Circuits
7.2 High-speed Systems and Microwave DA
7.3 DA for Electronic Packaging
8.1 Human Factors in DA
8.2 Frameworks and Software Engineering in DA
8.3 Hardware/Software Codesign, Concurrent Engineering,
        Issues in System Design
9.1 Complete DA Systems
9.2 User Experience with DA Systems
9.3 Electronic Design Using DA
9.4 Management of DA Systems

The Design Automation Conference has expanded its emphasis on the use of
DA tools.  We are soliciting papers and proposals for panels and tutorials
of interest to system and circuit designers, design managers and DA
support engineers.  Topics can include (but not limited to) the suggested
subject listed below:

9.1 Complete DA Systems
    Tools built on top of frameworks; integrating vendor tools within
    your system; personal computer DA
9.2 User Experience with DA Systems
    Use of automation in the design of state-of-the-art systems;
    comparative results of using multiple DA systems
9.3 Electronic Design Using DA
    Design methodology and design process; silicon strategies:
    FPGA, PLD, ASIC; design reuse
9.4 Management of DA Systems
    Partnering with DA vendors; standards issues:
    VHDL/EDIF/CFI; component libraries; quality

MP Associates, Inc.
ATTN: Ellen J. Yoffa
Program Chair, 32nd DAC
5305 Spine Rd. Suite A
Boulder, Colorado  80301
For information call: (303) 530-4333
Fax: (303) 530-4334

Sponsored: ACM/SIGDA
           IEEE Circuits and Systems Society

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