Need Floating Point VHDL Model 
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 Need Floating Point VHDL Model

 I just recieved the following for ESNUG but thought a better place from
 this would be comp.lang.vhdl because it's not really a Synopsys issue but
 more of a where are VHDL models issue.

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>Subject: floating point unit

>Hi John,  

>Would you please post the following request for info.  Thanks.

>Can someone tell me where I can get a  VHDL model of a floating point
>execution unit that can handle addition, subtraction,
>multiplication, and division, etc.  of floating point numbers?

>If the model conforms to the IEEE/ANSI std 754-1985, it would
>be exactly what I am looking for.  Thanks a lot.

>Bill On            
>National University of Singapore

Tue, 23 Jan 1996 23:15:15 GMT  
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