US-NY, NY - VLSI Logic designer need 
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 US-NY, NY - VLSI Logic designer need

I have an urgent need for VLSI DESIGN ENGINEERS (Logic Design)

Requires BS/MS in Electrical Engineering or equivalent experience and
extensive experience with logic design, circuit design, and PC type
architecture. You should have design experience using HDL language
(Verilog or VHDL) together with logic synthesis and logic
verification. The design projects are targeted for advanced Systems
Logic Applications in the PC.

$$ depending on experience.  

We place talented EEs worldwide in all disciplines
(ASIC, RF, MMIC/GaAs, Power, EDA tools, DSP) and positions
(design, test, sales, management). Thanks in advance!  


Jerry Witt, source-ASIC
P.O. Box 8473
Denver, CO 80201
(303) 915-9667

Tech tip: Input bias currents for op-amps with bipolar transistor
input stages max out at about 1 micro-amp.

Sun, 04 Jul 2004 13:25:26 GMT  
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