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 VHDL mailing list !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     This guide is a road map to both  the  VHDL  Repository
     and  the  VHDL-SW mailing list for members of VHDL-SW.  This
     version of the guide  is  an  update  to  the  original  one
     published in September 1988.  The major changes are the move
     of the archive from SIMTE20 to the University of Cincinnati,
     and  the  relaxation  of the requirement that submissions to
     the repository be in the public domain.

       VHDL-SW is both a mailing list and a VHDL archive.   By
     being a  member of  VHDL-SW,  you can communicate with other
     VHDL users on the mailing  list and  have direct  access  to
     the  VHDL  archives.    The VHDL-SW mailing list  is used to
     announce new items as they are placed in the VHDL Repository
     as well as support communication on VHDL-related topics. The
     VHDL  repository  is  used  to   archive   and   disseminate
     information,  hardware descriptions, and (potentially)  VHDL
     compilers  and tool code  to  interested   professionals  in
     the  hardware  design  community.   Announcements  about new
     additions and changes to the VHDL Repository are  made  over
     the VHDL-SW mailing list.

  The VHDL Repository is  a  collection  of  voluntarily-
     contributed  files  located   on   a  UNIX-based HP 9000/840
     computer located  at  the  University  of  Cincinnati.   The
     repository used to be at SIMTEL20 until May 1989 when it was
     moved to UC. The files  in  the  VHDL   Repository  can   be
     acquired via FTP by DDN users and or by magtape.

    2.  How to Use the VHDL-SW Mailing List

     Initial Request

          The VHDL-SW  electronic mailing list exists  for  those
     who  are  interested  in   discussing VHDL issues with other
     professionals   and   to   provide   information   on   (and
     assistance  in)   accessing  and  contributing  software  to
     the   VHDL  Repository.   To  subscribe  to  this    mailing
     list, send  a  request  via electronic mail to:

   Use of the Mailing List

          The   mailing   list    serves   two   purposes:     to
     help    exchange  information   between    the    repository
     users  and   to   mail    repository  submissions   to   the
     maintainer   of   the  VHDL Repository for inclusion  in the

          You  will  automatically receive  messages  from  other
     members  of   the  list.  If you desire to send a message to
     the list, use your mail program to create your  message  and
     mail it to

          Your  message  will then be automatically sent  to  all
     other members  of  the list.

    Logging on the VHDL archive

          To examine filenames and extract files  from  the  VHDL
     Repository,  you  must use the FTP program available on your
     local host.  Execute

                         ftp uceng.uc.edu, or


     to connect to the  uceng  computer  over  the  Defense  Data
     Network (which includes the Arpanet).  Once connected to the
     uceng  computer,  log  on  as   "anonymous"  and  give   any
     combination  of  characters  as  the  password.    If  uceng
     accepts  your id and password,  you are logged on  and   can
     obtain  directory  displays,  change to desired directories,
     and download files.

  8.  How to Acquire a Tape of the VHDL Repository

          Forward a 1/2" standard computer tape in good condition
     to   Prof.  Harold  W.  Carter,  University  fo  Cincinnati,
     Department of Electrical and Computer  Engineering,  ML  30,
     Cincinnati,  OH  45221-0030 with a letter of request for the
     VHDL repository.  Only the UNIX tar format can be provided.

Ken Cooper

Tue, 10 Sep 1996 02:53:02 GMT  
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