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 RASSP Newsletter Announcement

     Rapid-Prototyping of Application Specific Signal Processors (RASSP)

     The new issue of the "RASSP DIGEST" is now available on the RASSP WWW,
     FTP and Gopher servers. The focus of this issue is "The Road to
     Enterprise Integration"


     -- RASSP Digest Theme: The Road to Enterprise Integration
        by Vijay K. Madisetti and Anthony Gadient
     As organizations focus on core competencies, the need to bring
     diverse organizations together to satisfy the various resource needs
     required for large product developments (such as a new weapon system
     or automobile) is becoming increasingly important.  Successfully
     forming a virtual corporation in a timely fashion faces several
     challenges.  Flexible enterprise integration systems can provide the
     infrastructure needed to overcome these challenges.

     -- Integrated Process Control and Data Management in RASSP Enterprise
        by John Welsh, Biju Kalathil, Bipin Chadha, Mary Catherine Tuck,
        William Selvidge, Elisa Finnie, and Arne Bard
     The RASSP Enterprise System provides key automation support for
     multidisciplinary teams of engineers and managers in the execution of
     complex development projects. As a result, the system facilitates
     greatly improved productivity, as well as efficient program control
     and orderly management of design configurations. Core concepts of the
     RASSP Enterprise System include integration of tools and tool
     frameworks into an enterprise environment; program execution control
     through workflows; integrated data management functions; concurrent
     engineering team support; and integration of design engineering and
     manufacturing. This paper presents a strategy for the use of the RASSP
     environment, methodology/workflows, and information models to improve
     efficiency in task execution and information management on signal
     processor development projects.

     -- Enterprise Integration
        by James Chieks
     This paper addresses the implementation of the virtual corporation
     within the context of rapid signal processor design. The paper
     examines one paper and one presentation, items [1] and [2], written by
     the Rapid Prototyping of Application Specific Signal Processors
     (RASSP) Lockheed Sanders Team.  The Lockheed Sanders Team comprises
     four companies, Sanders, Motorola, Hughes and ISX. The Lockheed
     Sanders team members work as an entity to achieve the RASSP goals of
     4X improvement in time-to-market, life-cycle cost and design quality.
     The references present processes, tools and enabling methodologies
     allowing team members collaborative, concurrent design of an Infrared
     Search and Track (IRST) processor. A summary of these references
     follows. The RASSP Design Environment (RDE) evolution presents
     advances in enterprise integration.  Necessary processes and
     technologies presented drive further advances toward the virtual

     -- The National Industrial Information Infrastructure Protocols
        (NIIIP) Project
        by Richard Bolton
     This article describes the NIIIP Consortium, its mission, and
     technical vision.  It provides an overview of the NIIIP reference
     architecture and its features.  It highlights the key
     state-of-the-art elements of the NIIIP solution, the NIIIP spiral
     development plan, and the NIIIP deliverables.  It summaries the
     Consortium's accomplishments and future plans. Project information
     is available at http://www.*-*-*.com/ .

     -- Concurrent Engineering Wheels
        by Biren Prasad
     The Concurrent Engineering approach to product design and
     development has two major themes. The first theme is establishing
     a concurrent product and process organization. This is referred
     to herein as "process taxonomy." The second theme is applying
     this process taxonomy (or methodology) to design and develop the
     total product system. This is referred to as integrated product
     development (IPD). Each theme is divided into several essential
     parts forming major arms of the so called concurrent engineering
     wheel-set [Prasad, 1996a].  This article describes a Concurrent
     Engineering (CE) wheel-set and explains the basic principles on
     which this very subject is founded.

     -- Agility through Information Sharing: Results Achieved in a
        Production Environment
        by Anthony J. Gadient,  Lynwood E.  Hines,  John Welsh,        
        Andrew P.  Schwalb
     As organizations seek to improve their competitive position by
     responding effectively to the increasing rate of change in the
     market place, the need for agile enterprises and agile
     manufacturing has come to the forefront.  In this paper we
     examine the essential role that information sharing plays in
     enabling the agile manufacturing of complex products.  The
     principle goal of an agile manufacturing interface is to provide
     the information sharing infrastructure necessary to enable the
     formation of virtual organizations and to provide them with the
     robust DFx mechanisms they need in order to develop high quality
     products in a timely, cost effective manner.  Results achieved
     from the implementation of an agile manufacturing interface in a
     production environment are highlighted.  These results include a
     10x reduction in the cycle-time required to go from design to
     manufacturing set-up, and a reduction in the rework for complex
     Printed Circuit Assemblies  of up to 80%.


     To access RASSP DIGEST on the RASSP WWW server
     ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ) select the "NEWSLETTER ICON".  You will
     have a choice of formats to select from for viewing or loading.

     The postscript (compressed and uncompressed) and PDF versions of
     the RASSP DIGEST can be FTP'd from "ftp.rassp.scra.org" with a
     login of "anonymous".  The files are available in the
     "RASSP-INFO/newsletter" directory.  The files are:
     96Q1V3.ps      --  17,506,928 bytes in length.
     96Q1V3.ps.Z    --  8,444,775 bytes in length.
     96Q1V3.pdf     --  4,457,124 bytes in length.

     The Postscript (compressed and uncompressed) and PDF versions of
     the RASSP DIGEST can be downloaded  from "rassp.scra.org."  The
     files are available in the "newsletter" directory.

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