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Attest Software, Inc. has set up an anonymous directory on Internet to make
available gate and behavi{*filter*}level models of a circuit called GL85.  This
circuit is an op-code clone of the 8085 microprocessor (however, it is not pin
compatible).  This particular microprocessor was quite popular in the late 70's
and early 80's and also served as a subset of the Z80 microprocessor that is
still in use.  The structure and behavi{*filter*}models are in VHDL. The behavior
has about 1800 source lines, and the structure has 3000 logic gates and
flip-flops.  A Verilog structure model will be available shortly.

This same model has been provided to Prof's F. Gail Gray and Jim Armstrong of
{*filter*}ia Tech to serve as the start of a new collection of benchmark circuits
for individuals wanting to check out or otherwise optimize CAE algorithms.
The model and all accompanying documentation are intended to be used strictly
for non-commercial, educational purposes.  No claim to accuracy is made,
although it has been extensively simulated and all of the op-codes checked
out with a design verification set of 2277 vectors contained in the file

In addition to the two levels of abstraction, there are some .eps
(extended postscript) files provided that describe the circuit submodules,
and provide a schematic overview of the data busses in the structural model.
There is a .vec file that contains about 2300 design verification vectors and
a .spt file that shows correct response to the applied vectors.  Another file
contains suggestions for exercises that can serve as class projects, etc.

The files can be copied by anonymous ftp from

    ftp      # login as anonymous, passwd is your user name
    cd /pub/attest/bench       # move to the benchmark directory
    binary                     # set binary ftp mode
    get gl85.tar.Z             # get compressed tar file of the entire gl85
    quit                       # quit ftp
    uncompress gl85.tar.Z      # uncompress the file
    tar xf gl85.tar            # extract the "gl85" directory

Individual files can be copied from the subdirectories in /pub/attest/bench/gl85.

In the gl85 directory, the behave subdirectory contains the behavior model.  The
pub subdirectory contains the extended postscript circuit files, the exercise
notes, and a description of the vector file format.  See the file contents.mss
in the pub directory for a description of the files.  The spt subdirectory
contains annotated simulation results.  The struct subdirectory contains the
structure model, and a makefile to run regression tests using Attest's
simulation and test software.  The logic simulation, fault simulation, and
testability analysis results are in the directory struct/Test_sav.  The Makefile
works with Sun or GNU make.

Free demo versions of Attest's software will run the GL85 without a license.
This includes the logic simulator, the fault simulator, the testability
analyzer, and the sequential test generator.  The free demo software will
run the GL85, and also any other circuit up to 1000 gates.  The demo software
will be available via anonymous ftp on November 15, 1993.  We encourage
students and other interested parties to try the software.  Licensed versions
of Attest's software will be provided free to accredited universities for
non-commercial, educational purposes.

The GL85 directories will be periodically updated with corrections and possible
enhancements.  We urge individuals who find errors in the materials to submit
corrections to:

Alexander Miczo
Attest Software, Inc.
4677 Old Ironsides Drive, Suite 100
Santa Clara, CA 95054


Fri, 29 Mar 1996 12:52:27 GMT  
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