Using arrays as generic types 
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 Using arrays as generic types

Hi everyone,

How do I use arrays as generic types? For example, I want the following generic:
   cSeq : sequenceType := (1, 14, 7, 24, 17, 34, 27, 44, 37, 54, 47, 59)
   type sequenceType is array(11 downto 0) of integer range 0 to 127;

Where do I do the type declaration?



Sat, 17 Sep 2005 03:36:25 GMT  
 Using arrays as generic types


> How do I use arrays as generic types?

Add a generic clause to your entity.
For simulation you can use any type you like as a generic.

use work.my_types.all;
entity my_entity is
generic ( cSeq : sequenceType);
-- . . .

> Where do I do the type declaration?

In a package.

  -- Mike Treseler

Sat, 17 Sep 2005 04:05:23 GMT  
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