Use of BUFT for Multiplexing 2:1 
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 Use of BUFT for Multiplexing 2:1

> I would like to build some multiplexers 2:1 with the primitives BUFT of
> On some transitions, Bus conflicts occur.
> It must be due to the fact that T and /T are not simultaneous.
> Is it a problem in term of electrical consumption and general behaviour
> of the circuit., even if this trouble is very short in time ?
> Does exist some solutions to avoid it ?

BUFTs aren't really needed for a simple 2:1 mux. The regular logic will
work just fine.

You could solve this problem by using and wired OR approach, where you
only drove the signal low from multiple sources and let the internal
pullup handle the rising edge. Of course this slows down the rate you can
operate at but it would eliminate the collisions.


Tom Dillon
Dillon Engineering, Inc.

Mon, 18 Aug 2003 22:45:10 GMT  
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