Problems with Orcad Express and Orcad Tech. Support 
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 Problems with Orcad Express and Orcad Tech. Support


I'm having a few problems with the Orcad Express VHDL tools. I have
contacted the local distributor who was very helpful with most
questions I had but was unable to help with the INVALID PAGE FAULTS.
I therefore sent the following email to Orcad's technical support
email address two days ago. Yesterday after receiving no reply I
sent a followup requesting that one or both of my emails be
acknowledged. I still have not had a reply. This worries me somewhat
as I know we are very close to the US Thanksgiving holiday which will
further delay any resolution to this and other problems with Orcad.

I would also be interested to hear if other people are having similar
problems with Express. I realise that this posting may seem a little
heavy handed to some, but I am trying to get some work done and
this (rather expensive) package is hindering me. Secondly, if this
matter is resolved satisfactorily I will post a followup here stating


> ----------
> From:      Erik de Castro Lopo
> Sent:      Tuesday, November 25, 1997 3:16

> Subject:   Orcard version 7.10.418S
> Hi,
> I'm using Orcad Express version 7.10.418S and I am getting frequent
> invalid page faults in Simulate. I'm running Orcad under Win95
> OSR2 (200MHz Pentium, 64 Meg of RAM), and getting very similar
> faults on two different machines which behave perfectly for every
> application other than Orcad. I've included all the unique stack traces
> which I've been able to capture so far. Unfortunately, as yet I have
> been unable to find a way to reliably recreate the sequence of events
> which cause a crash .

> Are thse debug stack traces useful for tracking down the cause of
> the crashes?

> Are other people experiencing similar problems?

> Please give me some feedback,
> Erik

> +----------------------------------------------------------+
> Erik de Castro Lopo        

> +----------------------------------------------------------+

[Stack traces snipped]

Sun, 14 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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