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 testing methods, BIST


>   I search web pages about digital circuits' testing methods, BIST,
> especially about testability analysis and test-point insertion in RTL
> VHDL specifications for scan-based BIST.

The following article might be of interest:

  "Inserting Scan at the Behavi{*filter*}Leve"
  Chouki Aktouf, Hrv Fleury, Chantal Robach
  IEEE Design & Test of Computers, v17n3 (July - Sep. 2000)

Abstract (from http://www.*-*-*.com/ ):

  "This article presents a method for inserting test logic at the
   behavi{*filter*}level of a VHDL design description. The method is easy
   to use, and in most cases it requires lower area overhead than
   classical scan insertion methods."

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