Cooley's Great-Gobs-Of-Guilt-6-Months-After-DAC'97 DAC Survey 
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 Cooley's Great-Gobs-Of-Guilt-6-Months-After-DAC'97 DAC Survey


>  Trolling For DAC Dirt 6 Months Later
>  ------------------------------------

>    Suffering from great gobs of guilt at having not written a review
>  of this year's DAC'97 in Anaheim, CA (especially after having had
>  surveyed the users & vendors about their impressions of DAC'97), I'm
>  writing a "penance" DAC Review over the Thanksgiving week.

>    I already have all those e-mails from my first post-DAC'97 survey
>  (and there's still quite a bit of useful info in them!), but, with it
>  being 6 months later, I'd like to add a new twist.  Now that 6 months
>  have passed, please write me what you thought (and, yes, you'll be
>  anonymous) about what you saw at DAC'97 & *whether it panned out now*.

>  Did you see/buy something that appeared "hot" at DAC'97 only to find
>  it a complete waste of time?  What turned out to be the biggest lie
>  you got from an EDA vendor at DAC'97 from your subsequent 6 months
>  post-DAC'97 experience?  It being 6 months later, what actually turned
>  out to be the most useful thing/topic/tool/technique you got from
>  DAC '97 or elsewhere?  How about the big guys like Cadence, Mentor,
>  Synopsys, Avanti?  How about the many small EDA companies?  Feel free
>  to include all sorts of news & facts & opinions about what happened in
>  the last 6 months in the EDA industry to support your views/conclusions!

    I just wanted to drop a quick note to ESNUG readers to wish you a happy
 Thanksgiving and to hope your family gatherings go well.  I'm heading off
 to a very small town in Vermont to see my folks.  And even though I
 originally said I'm going to write-up my 6-Months-After-DAC'97 DAC Review
 over Thanksgiving, I've decided to put off writing it until the Tuesday
 *after* Thanksgiving.  (I just want to spend more time with my folks than
 with a computer over Turkey Day break.  In addition, the e-mails I recieved
 for this review have been quite an eye opener for me.  Whoa!  These
 insights taken 6 months afterwards have been, ...well...,  pretty damn
 insightful!  -- and it's gunna be a hell of a lot of work compiling them.)

    ANYWAY, why I'm saying all this isn't to get permission to be with my
 folks over Thanksgiving (not hardly!) but to tell those last minute survey
 responders that they now have until the Monday night after Thanksgiving to
 share their views/insights/opinions for the "DAC'97 & Afterwards Review."

    God bless, and I hope your holiday goes well.

                                                 - John Cooley
                                                   the ESNUG guy

  __))    "Glass ceilings?  Name ANY ex-goat farmer who's made management!"
 /_ oo  
  (_ \   Holliston Poor Farm                                   - John Cooley
%//  \"  Holliston, MA 01746-6222           part time Sheep & ex-Goat Farmer

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