Beginners moving up. 
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 Beginners moving up.

> AMx> My question is are there
> AMx> VHDL writing jobs?  Will there be VHDL writing jobs in two years for MSEE
> AMx> graduates?

> [I'll probably get my knees kicked in for this, but what-the-hey...]

You're absolutely right.  Wait 'til I see you at the next VIUF meeting!

> "VHDL writers" are cheap.  I can send a few halfway bright folks to a technical
> institute or community college to teach them how to *write* VHDL. (or Verilog
> or Ada or...)  That's the easy part.

Come on, Todd, he's talking about becoming a technical writer, not a
modeler!  And they are not "cheap"!  We command salaries that are
as high or higher than some design engineers.

> On the other hand, good designers are quite difficult to find.  A good designer
> has an uncommon mix of creativity and ability to express that creativity in a
> realizeable form in such a way that others can benefit and make use of their
> creation.  VHDL just so happens to be an excellent medium of design expression,
> and is an extremely useful tool.

> Good designers can always find a job, although you might have to relocate to
> the current hot spot in the country.  Technical writing skills are becoming
> more important with the larger projects, so don't lose that skill.

To be a good technical writer requires a mixed bag of skills:  good
interpersonal relations working on development teams, understanding
of EDA systems, good written communications skills (grammar, punctuation,
spelling, vocabulary), project management skills, knowledge of production
and printing, desktop publishing expertise, and I find it to be highly
creative as well.  

I believe there will always be a job market for good writers.  The challenge,
if one wants to be a technical writer, is to acquire all of these skills,
and often on-the-job training is an effective means.

Rita Glover
Technical Communications Consultant
and Member of the VHDL '92 Documentation Team



P.O. Box 840                                     Voice:  503-632-6448
Mulino, OR  97042                                Fax:    503-632-4117

Mon, 29 Jan 1996 06:31:38 GMT  
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