JOB POSTING: Sr Software Engineer - VHDL Compilers, Fremont CA 
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 JOB POSTING: Sr Software Engineer - VHDL Compilers, Fremont CA

Zycad Corporation is a leading edge supplier of high speed simulation
tools and software for CAE applications. Our engineering strategy is a
top-down systems approach to manage and simulate a wide spectrum of
complex designs (upto 16,777,216 gates) from the architectural level
through the gate level.  Our engineering team is a unique grouping of
Computer Scientists who have implemented software/hardware solutions
for CAE problems.

We have the following immediate opening in our engineering group -

1.      Senior Software Engineer - VHDL Compilers

You will apply your expertise in Compilers and Behavi{*filter*}Simulation
to work with our vhdl front-end team to implement a intermediate code
generation pass and Elaborator for VHDL. The target machine, ViP, is a
special purpose multicomputer designed to execute VHDL Simulation

This position requires an MS in EE/CS with 4+ years experience
developing and delivering High Level HDL Compilers in a UNIX/C
environment.  Experience with developing Verilog or VHDL Compilers is
required.  Experience designing and developing large software systems
in C with multiple developers, and multiple users is required.


Please respond to -


          attention: Ramesh N., Job CS

        US MAIL:
          Zycad Corp
          47100 Bayside Parkway
          CA 94538-9942
          attention: Ramesh N., Job CS

Wed, 18 Sep 1996 09:49:39 GMT  
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