ASIC/FPGA Design Engineers Available 
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 ASIC/FPGA Design Engineers Available

DesignPRO has a number of ASIC/FPGA Design Engineers
available for contract service opportunities.

DesignPRO is a contract engineering design organization
based in Ottawa, Canada, specializing in Telecom Solutions
in Silicon, and offering a complete spectrum of turnkey
product development services, including:

* system design;
* chip and board specification;
* FPGA and ASIC design and verification;
* PCB design and manufacturing,
* DSP coding;
* firmware and software development;
* hardware and software integration testing;

With EXPERIENCE and REUSABLE BLOCKS in the following

* ATM & Packet over SONET/SDH -

* High speed access products,
  xDSL, T1/E1, Cable Modem;
* ATM, PPP, 8b10b, HDLC, SDLC,
  TCP/IP, UTOPIA (Level I, II & III),
  Ethernet, PCI, VME;
* Wireless - CDMA, GPS, LMDS, PCS.

DesignPRO is a proud member of the Altera Consultant
Alliance Program (ACAP) and the Xilinx XPERT Program.

DesignPRO is pleased to announce the release of a fully
configurable suite of reusable cores (unencrypted IP),
providing the building blocks for ATM and Packet over
SONET/SDH for all of the possible configurations from

DesignPRO offers non-exclusive, non-transferable rights
and licenses to reuse, modify and evolve the IP for the
purpose of IC development for subsequent product sale.  In
addition, it would be our pleasure to provide contract
engineering design services to assist with developments
using the IP, which will facilitate knowledge transfer,
while developing product.  Our team of design engineers
with experience and IP could be a great asset to any
company using any one of a variety of business models.

DesignPRO's list of customers includes many of the key
communications companies in the world, including Nortel
Networks, Newbridge Networks, Lucent Technologies - Ascend
Communications, Motorola, and many other mid-size and
smaller firms.

For additional information about DesignPRO,
visit our website at or

Andrew Bunsick
General Manager

(613) 596-5030

Sun, 03 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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