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 Verilog PLI website

Project VeriPage: http://www.*-*-*.com/

I. What's new ?

1. Couple of new examples have been added.
2. The "(For the rest of us who want it FREE)" section
has been revised and new projects are added.
3. A site search has been added for easy surfing.

II. About Project VeriPage:

This is a free informative site on Verilog PLI
with a growing number of articles on Verilog in
general. Although there are few sites available for
Verilog related information, this is the only site
in my knowledge, which has been focussed on Verilog
PLI. It has a number of resources on the subject
including a FAQ, a tutorial and several examples
on Verilog PLI. If you are a novice, take a look
if it can help you in breaking the ice; if you are
a guru, stop by and impart your knowledge to others.

=-=-= 100% pure Verilog PLI - go, get it ! =-=-=
 Principles of Verilog PLI -By- Swapnajit Mittra
 Kluwer Academic Publishers. ISBN: 0-7923-8477-6

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