Using Refinate to compare EDIF files and verify/create BOM 
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 Using Refinate to compare EDIF files and verify/create BOM

If you have edited a spreadsheet
before, then you should be able to get up
to speed quickly. Try it and send me some
feedback and requests.

Just copy & paste any BOM into
Excel and use Refinate.

Refinate is a utility that adds
functionality to Excel specifically to
work with BOM.

Also, when you make a change to a netlist
(including EDIF), use Refinate to sort
every node so you can compare it to the
previous version to determine if
something has changed by mistake.

Here are a few reasons to use Refinate.

* No need to change your document style to
  use it - just verify the integrity of
  the BOM and continue to use the original
  if that's all you want to do.

* No need to commit to a database program
  to use it.

* Nobody else in the process flow needs to
  use Refinate except you, and your
  worksheet file can be used by anybody

* Counts alphanumeric reference
  designators (refdes).

* Determines if there are duplicate or
  missing refdes.

* Generates different assembly versions
  based on lists of do-not-installs.

* Arranges refdes in a standard format
  regardless of how they are listed --
  can be used to compare different BOM
  documents of the same assembly.

* Converts existing BOM into table
  formatted records where each part uses
  only one row.

* Edit the BOM while using Refinate
  to assist.

Thanks for your comments,
Brian Taylor
AnalogDigital Engineering
Refinate, Copyright 2001

Fri, 23 Jul 2004 05:06:58 GMT  
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