Xilinx WebPack 4.2 not compiling code that compiled on 3.3 
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 Xilinx WebPack 4.2 not compiling code that compiled on 3.3

Hi all.

I recently had to replace a dead BurchED B5 board.

This had a XC2S200 chip, the new one has XC2S300E.

The WP3.3 did not support it so I downloaded WP4.2 because WP5.2 will not
run on my Win98 system.

I installed in a separate directory, to retain both versions.

However, WP 4.2 is not compiling some code that compiled on 3.3.

Are they unable to co-exist in the same PC at the same time?

In one file, it won't let me take just one bit from a sub-component's
multi-bit output.
I can get round this by connecting it to an intermediate multi-bit signal,
then using just the bit required. It works, only a bit more long winded.

In some other files, it says a signal is assigned but not used, even though
it explicitly _is_ connected to a component later in the file.

The syntax checker and hierarchy checker report no problems.

Thanks in advance, K.

Thu, 08 Sep 2005 00:01:01 GMT  
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