EETimes: How do you use internet? 
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 EETimes: How do you use internet?

For an article for Electronic Engineering
Times, I'm interested in input on how engineers
(EE's and software) use the Internet in their
work. This isn't going to be a newbie article.

We're looking for serious input on use of the
Internet in the course of your work designing
systems, semiconductor, ASIC, etc.

That is, to what level to people
exploit the resources that are available.
Not at all? Just for keeping up with newsgroup,
for general info that's not related to your projects?
E-mail to exchange info with colleagues?
Or, do you use things like, say, the ESNUG
(Electronic Synopsys User's Group) to
get a line on idiosyncracies in design software.
Does anyone avail themselves of the free
(albeit unsupported) tools of the kind
that are mentioned in the cad.lsi FAQ.
(I'd also be interest in what level of
connection most people have. Is everyone
still command-line, or is Mosaic being
to come into general usage?)

Any input, comments or suggestions would
be appreciated.

(Please don't flame me. I
respect this news group. If you don't
want to participate, or dislike journalists,
that's fine. Let me just thank you for your
time and suggest you move on to the next message.)

Feel free to post a follow up, or reply via e-mail.
Please be advised that I may quote any responses in
my story. Please include your full name, title and
company. Thanks again.

Alexander Wolfe
Managing Editor, News
Electronic Engineering Times

Sat, 22 Feb 1997 07:56:30 GMT  
 EETimes: How do you use internet?
Gee, I'd be glad to offer you information on how the engineers
in my company use the net. But seeing as how you snobs at EETimes
have deemed me unworthy of receiving your worldly rag...

                                  can stick it!

What goes around comes around.

Mt. View, CA

Mon, 24 Feb 1997 01:38:39 GMT  
 EETimes: How do you use internet?
Just use it to surf through and see if there is anything of interest related
to me.  True, I can look a lot up in the LRM, or a text, or catch how people
applied VHDL at symposiums like VIUF or an ASIC conference.  But in general
I just use to to catch odds and ends and throw in my two cents if someone
appears "really lost".  There are a lot of topics that appear in the usenet
for VHDL, Verilog, computer architecture that is more convenient to get then
hunting through a stack of journals or calling a whole bunch of people to
get an idea of where to start sometimes. This is my two cents on how I use
the Internet.

Thu, 06 Mar 1997 07:14:16 GMT  
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