Concatenation on the Left Hand Side of an Assignment 
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 Concatenation on the Left Hand Side of an Assignment

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> I tried to do the following assignment:

>    cout & sum <= a + b + cin;

> It seems that this is considered a syntax error because signal assignments
> can only be made to static signal names.  My question is why isn't a
> concatenation appropriate for the left-hand side of an assignment?  Even
> though it is not a name, its width and type can be determined during
> elaboration.

This is indeed a syntax error, but not for the reason you cite.  In the current
(1987) version of the language, the target of a signal assignment statement may
either be a (static) signal name or an aggregate of (locally static) signal
names.  Not included are concatenations of signal names.  (This paragraph is
also true for variable assignments if you everywhere subsitute "variable" for

Two-and-a-half weeks ago, I presented to the IEEE VASG a case for targets in
the form of concatenations; incredibly (to me ;-), there seems to be
insufficient support to include these in the 1992 version of the language.

> Also, this same problem seems to exist for aliases.  I can't declare an
> alias for a concatenation of two or more signals.

An alias is alternative name for an *object*, while a concatenation is a value.
Thus, aliases can be made only for signals, variables, or constants, or
elements or slices of array objects or fields of record objects.  There are no
plans to change this for 1992.

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