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 interface of VHDL


I want to comunicate to Vhdl using ada. does it possible? does ada or
vhdl has the interface with other language! how to communicate each

thanks in advance!

Tue, 13 Sep 2005 03:59:33 GMT  
 interface of VHDL

> I want to comunicate to Vhdl using ada. does it possible? does ada or
> vhdl has the interface with other language!

You have two obvious choices.  There may be others that
I haven't thought of.

1) Run your VHDL simulator and Ada program in two separate
   processes, and pipe stdin/stdout to/from each other.
   You would have to write "command processor" routines
   at each end of the pipeline, one in Ada and one in VHDL.
   As usual with such schemes, you will have a problem with
   the stdin-reading process blocking if there is no input
   on it.  I know of no way around this, given the fact that
   VHDL doesn't allow you access to the operating system and
   therefore you can't set the stdin channel nonblocking.

2) Find out about your VHDL simulator's "foreign language
   interface".  In ModelSim it's called FLI, in some other
   simulators it's VHPI, other simulators have no such
   feature at all (unlike Verilog, which has a PLI - programming
   language interface - standardised).  This will allow you
   to interface C programs to VHDL.  Then you have to find out
   about your Ada implementation's C-calling interface...

It might be easier to give up altogether and implement the
whole thing in VHDL.  After all, the syntax looks a lot like
Ada - your supervisor might not notice the difference :-)
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Tue, 13 Sep 2005 16:20:38 GMT  
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